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A long-time member of the Independent Health family, Leah came to Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions (PBD) as a self-funded account manager in 2019 after spending 3 years as a senior customer service representative at Nova Healthcare Administrators, and 3 years as a senior client account specialist with Independent Health Self-Funded Services.

In her role as account manager, Leah utilizes her extensive experience in self-funding to support her groups and guide them on optimizing plan performance.

Leah provides excellent service and support with a positive attitude, outgoing personality and strong understanding of her clients’ needs. Leah’s love for personal interaction is key to her success at PBD.

A busy wife and mother to two young boys, Leah enjoys spending her free time keeping them entertained. Her family also enjoys anything outdoors, including hiking, kayaking and biking.


Leah started her professional career with the Independent Health Family of companies fresh out of college which laid the foundation she’s used to move forward throughout the organization.

Today, she manages over 30 self-funded groups with PBD, which are located in New York and across the country. She serves as the point person in managing her group’s implementations, benefit plans, renewals and any issues that arise along the way.

Through extensive analyzation of clinical and utilization data and trends, Leah provides her clients with superlative service and benefit design, assuring benefits align with the client’s intent and fit each group’s unique needs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.


Leah is a proud Redshirt volunteer, frequently volunteering at food banks across Western New York with the Independent Health Foundation.

“My mission, and what energizes me, is building strong, meaningful relationships with people. I am a people person to the fullest extent, the epitome of an extrovert, and I thrive in areas where I can own a crowd, make people laugh and make new friends.”

Fun Fact:
Leah owns a women’s clothing boutique, Romanolie & Be, built on the premise of inclusion and acceptance with clothes curated for women from all walks of life.