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Since 1998, Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions® has been helping companies gain greater control over the prescription drug component of their health care programs.


We’re the right fit for your pharmacy benefit management needs. We focus on the lowest net cost of managing pharmacy benefits, along with being:

  • Experienced in risk-based, total cost management.
  • Truly aligned with your objectives.
  • Focused on personal service and attention.

The prescription benefit is the most utilized benefit among all benefit offerings, and as a result has a significant impact on total health care costs. Successful management of this benefit maximizes your cost savings and enhances clinical effectiveness. Together, we can develop the right pharmacy program that meets your needs and allows you to save money while also providing quality care.

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For more information on how you can gain greater control and cost savings on your prescription drug program, call (716) 635-3578 or email PBDSales@pbdrx.com

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