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Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Lynne Reilly, MBA


As president of Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions (PBD), Lynne leads an organization focused on helping clients and members gain greater control over their prescription drug benefits. A bold leader who never shies away from championing meaningful change, Lynne oversees the development of the strategic plan for business, aligns product goals and metrics with the strategic plan... Read more

Leslie Feidt

Chief Technology Officer

As an IT executive for over 20 years, Leslie has a wealth of experience in building and leading high-performance teams, defining and executing strategic plans, solving business problems and driving transformative change through the use of tools and technology. As a leader, Leslie takes pride in developing teams and organizations that are much greater than the sum of the parts... Read more

Tim Flanagan

Director, Business Operations

As Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions’ (PBD) Director of Business Operations for the past four years, Tim is responsible for managing and maintaining all pharmacy business operations and applications to allow PBD to accurately adjudicate prescription claims against the pharmacy benefits of its members and provide accurate pharmacy information to all stakeholders...Read More

Mark Fulton, CHP, CSCS

Director, PBM Programs and Compliance

Mark has over 20 years in health care services administration, including 18 in management and 13 in compliance. His tenure has covered a variety of functional areas including claims and member and provider servicing operations, training, quality assurance and compliance... Read more

Patrick Comerford Jr., Pharm.D, CDE

Director, Customer Service and Engagement

Pat has over 18 years of experience in pharmacy with expertise in building clinical programs, developing member adherence and education solutions, and mentoring students. Since joining Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions in 2018 as Director of Customer Service and Engagement, Pat’s vast responsibilities have... Read more

Rest of the Team

Aleem Merani, PharmD, MBA

Manager - Account Development & Clinical Pharmacy

Aleem is a New York State licensed Pharmacist who is responsible for using his business acumen and clinical expertise to manage all PBD clients. With a strong understanding of all aspects of pharmacy and business practices, Aleem leads and collaborates with the clinical pharmacy, account management and client support teams to develop and support clinical programs, account management strategy and other cross-functional initiatives... Read more

Julie Doody

Account Manager

Julie joined Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions (PBD) as an account manager in 2019. Having previously spent 13 years as an account manager at United Healthcare, Julie brings extensive experience in account and operations management to PBD’s clients, providing groups with a high level of support and care. A dedicated professional, Julie always keeps her clients’ best interests... Read more

Korrin Erickson

Senior Account Manager

Korrin joined Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions (PBD) as an account manager in 2014, and was recently promoted to senior account manager in 2019. Drawing on the 10 years of experience she gained as an account manager at Labor Management Healthcare Fund, Korrin actively oversees a client base of 42 self-funded groups...Read More

Andrew Flynn

Account Manager

 In his current role as Account Manager, Andrew is responsible for seeing clients through implementation, working with all the different departments of PBD to ensure things are running as they should, and being the face of PBD for groups/brokers. He provides stakeholders a connection to PBD and the channel for which important pharmacy benefit information flows.....Read More

Michelle Plimpton

Regional Sales Manager

As Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions’ (PBD) Regional Sales Manager since 2017, Michelle is tasked with increasing the company’s brand recognition and footprint on a national level. She helps brokers and employers understand the advantages of self-funding and the ability to customize plan design to truly fit an employer’s needs... Read more

Lynn Nosky

Regional Sales Associate

After joining the PBD sales team in 2020, Lynn was recently promoted to Regional Sales Associate where she strives to expand the company’s brand recognition and footprint on a national level. Her key duties include helping brokers and employers understand the advantages of self-funding, and demonstrating PBD’s ability to customize a plan design that truly fits her clients’ needs.... Read more