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Case Studies

  • The Value of Your PBM

    Many factors are outside of your plan’s control when it comes to managing prescription drug costs. While larger organizations can absorb fluctuations easier, a major change to a self-insured benefit plan of a small to mid-sized business can be catastrophic if not managed correctly.

  • Transparency

    For employer groups striving to achieve maximum cost savings while improving patient outcomes, it is critical that they partner with a transparent PBM. Transparency by a PBM into the many contributing factors that drive prescription drug costs allows plans to make more informed decisions, resulting in opportunities for savings and increased efficiencies for their specific needs.

  • Customization

    Problem: An 1,800-life municipality group was promised massive cost savings by one of the extremely large, publicly-traded “Big 3” pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) to move their pharmacy benefit plan away from Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions (PBD).

  • PBD at Your Service

    For a small to mid-size plan sponsor, prescription drug plans can feel overwhelming. That is why it is important to partner with a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) who provides the personal attention, clinical support and customer service they need to properly implement and control their pharmacy program.