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Integrated Formulary  Utilization Management

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Saving Your Clients More.

By balancing formulary management, utilization management and unit price, we successfully maximize cost efficiency without compromising on value. Because we do much more than manage a drug formulary, our approach can help your clients oversee their prescription drug benefits in a smarter way.

With Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions, we are able to bring added value because:
  • We focus on the lowest net cost of managing pharmacy benefits.
  • We are experienced in risk-based, total cost management.
  • We don’t profit when drug costs increase.
  • We’re not dependent on rebate revenues.
  • We don’t benefit from over utilization of drugs.
  • We don’t answer to profit-focused shareholders.

What Does This Mean for You?

Our approach allows for greater overall cost savings and value that gets passed along directly to your clients, creating a real difference – for you and for them.