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Drug Formulary

The Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions' Drug Formulary is a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs that make up your prescription-drug benefit plan (this list is not all-inclusive and does not guarantee coverage).

What’s Covered

Many employers use a customized drug formulary, so not all the drugs listed are covered by your benefit program. We encourage you to check your benefit materials for information about specific drugs covered by your plan or register and log in to your online account to view your employer-specific formulary online.

For specific questions about your coverage, please call 1-888-878-9172.

Labor-Management Healthcare Fund/PBD Formulary

The Labor-Management Healthcare Fund/PBD Formulary represents a list of drugs at their appropriate tiers for members of the Labor-Management Healthcare Fund only.

Catholic Health System/PBD Formulary

The Catholic Health System/PBD Formulary represents a list of drugs at their appropriate tiers for members of the Catholic Health System only.

Catholic Health System has a preferred copay medications list. Medications on this list may be subject to improved copays through Catholic Health Rx at Sisters Hospital Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions Preventative Drug Lists

Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions has designed a Preventative Drug List, which is a list of medications for chronic conditions that have the deductible requirement waived. As a result, there is limited or no cost to you as a member (based on your plan of benefits). We know that controlling healthcare costs is important to you however, we do not want medication costs to be a deterrent to good health. In addition, if you or a dependent in your plan have met your deductible, these medications will pay as your plan benefit specifies.

For specific questions about your coverage, please call 1-888-878-9172.

NOTE: The benefit applies to select plans that provide the Preventative List as an additional benefit. This list is subject to change and does not indicate coverage. Please check your benefit materials for the specific drugs covered and the copayment information for your prescription drug benefit program. This list does not include all conditions that may be prevented with preventative prescription drugs or all preventative drugs available.